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Info for SEO specialists Mission             TNX Forum combines the benefits of Contextual Advertising, Text Link Brokers and Relevant Exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links.
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TNX Affiliate Program
Make Money Selling Links!

We are aware of main shortcomings of affiliate programs that exist on the Internet:

- Confusing rules that make it unlikely to receive your earnings by imposing various restrictions, such as the minimum amount of payment, restrictions on the sites' subjects, etc.
- The risk to be banned for a slightest violation of the confusing rules. For example, for an incorrect, in the administration's view, placement of the ad block. In reality the administration might be just trying to find a way not to pay the partner.
- Requirement to have special ref. links that make it difficult to attract partners from sites, blogs and forums.
- Restriction of the amount paid for each attracted partner.
- Low commissions. Usually partner programs share only 2.5% of the system's commission. Can you really call this equal partnership?
- Difficulties with use/withdrawal of the accumulated commission.

We have 7 years of experience in development of online partner programs, and tried to create an ideal partner program - a program that is free from the shortcomings that are common for typical partner programs.

Forget about the so called ref-links so hated by many! New technologies made them optional (although we also use them, for example, to attract partners through mailing lists or ICQ). Forget about minimal payments - we don't have such thing in our partner program!

The purpose of any partner program is to attract new participants and advertisers to the system. When you bring a new webmaster to the system, you will receive 13.3% of all "TNX-points", he/she will earn in the future (a reward for referring an advertiser is also available).  This amounts to almost half of the system's comission! Interest is paid for the lifetime.

Example: When you refer a webmaster to TNX and advertiser pays 100 TNX-Points for a link on your referral's website, your referral (webmaster) gets 75 points and you get 10 points which is 13.3% of his income.
The rules are absolutely simple - no bans, no possible overcharges, no restrictions.

What can a partner do with earned "TNX-points" ? There are several options:
1. Use them to advertise his or her own websites to improve traffic and search engine rating.
Accumulate "TNX-points" on the account and observe how they grow in value as the system becomes more efficient due to increasing number of participating websites.
Sell "TNX-points" to the system, or send them to another participant of the TNX network, who will use it to promote his projects. Each participant has the right to transfer its "TNX-points" to any other participant (without comission) and set his own price.

You will find how the referral program works in the user interface.

Make Money Selling Links!

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